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    Shenzhen Zhongfu Photoelectric Technology Co. LtdSupplier of professional waterproof LED outdoor lighting power source

        As a leader of power source industry, Shenzhen Zhongfu Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd has achieved global presence in the field of waterproof constant current power source for outdoor lighting. Hongkong Zhongfu Photoelectric Co,Ltd,as parent company, is the R&D center and technical-supporter.Our company mainly deals in waterproof constant current power supply,which makes our company professional and unique. We always follow the principle of supreme quality and profession. Our power supply ranges mainly from 10W to 350W, applied to high-power outdoor facilities as follow: LED street light,floodlight,tunnel light,mining light,spot light,panel light and wall light.

       Our company achieves lower cost and higher products quality so as to remain competitive amid a rapidly developed and service-oriented domestic market,as well as to meet global quality standard and expectation.To attain our aim--[ Superior Quality.Satisfaction] , we are committed to a strictly regulated governing system for manufacturing : product performance,technical research,design,manufacturing,quality test,material selection,trial production,mass production,sale service and after service. By doing so, our company guarantees customer the optimal product with reasonable price,fast delivery,service , etc.


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