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What is a UFO mining lamp?

Power supply EncyclopediaSanjibao23 Jul 2018

The mining lamp is what everyone knows, but what if you add a UFO? Hey! Many people may not understand this new product, and most people may not even hear it. So today, Zhongfu Optoelectronics UFO industrial and mining lamp power supply manufacturers will come to tell you, interested friends to come and understand!

    What is a UFO mining lamp?

    UFO high bay light products are named for their unique shape and appearance like UFO (UFO). This product is mainly made of high-precision and fully automated equipment to form aluminum fin heat-dissipating shell, which has good heat dissipation effect. It adopts multiple patch-type high-power and high-efficiency high-definition high-definition 3030LED lamp beads, with even light, and with Zhongfu UFO industrial and mining lamp. power supply.

    The UFO mining lamp is also equipped with a respirator, which can more effectively prevent fog from being generated due to environmental temperature difference, and has good waterproof and dustproof performance. It has a long life and low light decay, and can be widely used in outdoor and indoor various harsh environments.

    UFO industrial miner's lamp has good color rendering, and the real color is more realistic. Various light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, making the vision more comfortable and improving the work efficiency of workers.

    As a new type of industrial and mining lamp, UFO mining lamp adopts lens light distribution design, no need to add additional reflector light distribution, so there is no phenomenon that the traditional LED industrial and mining lamp is easily deformed during transportation, and the transportation cost is relatively lower. .

    Now everyone knows what a UFO mining lamp is! In fact, it is known as the UFO of the portrait. Of course, the performance is also more advantageous. The power supply of Zhongfu UFO high bay light is your best choice. Welcome to inquire.

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