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LED drive power, do you really understand?

Power supply EncyclopediaSanjibao20 Jul 2018

LED driver power is actually the power source of LED lighting, it can also be said to be the "heart" of lighting. If the drive power is reduced, the lighting fixtures will not work and there is no way to illuminate. This shows the importance of LED drive power, but do you really understand LED drive power?

LED drive power, do you really understand?

The LED driver power supply is a voltage converter that converts the power supply to a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to emit light. Usually, there are two kinds of LED driving power supply during operation.

One is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, each of which supplies power to each LED individually. In this way, the combination is flexible, and all the LED faults do not affect the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly higher.

The other is direct constant current power supply, which is the driving method used. The LEDs operate in series or in parallel. Its advantage is that the cost is lower, but the flexibility is poor, and it is necessary to solve a certain LED failure without affecting the operation of other LEDs. These two forms coexist for a while. Multi-channel constant current output power supply mode will be better in terms of cost and performance. Perhaps it is the mainstream direction in the future.

The output of the LED driver is mostly a constant current source that changes the voltage as the LED's forward voltage drop changes. The core components of the LED power supply include a switch controller, an inductor, a switching component (MOSfet), a feedback resistor, an input filter component, an output filter component, and the like.

After understanding the above content, everyone should have a better understanding of the LED driver power supply! If you ask now: LED drive power, do you really understand? You can answer: Learn! If you still have questions or needs, please call Zhongfu Optoelectronics Consulting.

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