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LED street light power supply selection elements

Power supply EncyclopediaSanjibao09 Jul 2018
With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, it also led to the development of the LED industry. There are more and more types of LED lights, and applications are becoming more and more extensive. Even street lights are basically the choice of LED street lights. If there are lights, they naturally need power. LED street lights naturally need LED street lights. So what are the options for LED street light power? Zhongfu Optoelectronics technicians share:
LED street light power supply selection factor

1. Whether it is lightning protection We all know that street lights are installed outdoors, and lightning strikes are a very big threat. Zhongfu technology research concluded that lightning strikes mainly include four types: direct lightning, conducted lightning, inductive lightning and switching overvoltage. The most influential power supply equipment is induction lightning, which may generate voltages of up to 5000KV or higher. Destructive power. Therefore, the selected LED street light power supply must have lightning protection.
2. Price advantage price is the most important issue to consider. The LED street lamp power supply market is highly competitive. Although the price is not the final determinant in this quality-first product market, the higher cost performance can be achieved under good quality. Street lamp manufacturers offer more profit margins and competitive advantages. Therefore, whether the price of the product is dominant or not is still very important.
3. Whether the quality of the LED street lamp is mainly used in the outdoor environment, it has to withstand the harsh environment of wind, rain and thunder and lightning, and the outside temperature can reach 50 °C at the highest temperature, and it can reach -40 °C at the lowest. The LED light source belongs to the semiconductor light source. Its own light-emitting characteristics determine its failure rate is quite low, and the failure rate of the connected part is also quite low. Therefore, the quality of the LED drive power directly determines the life of the entire street lamp, and is also the core of the LED street lamp industry. part.
4. Design margin At present, the application environment of LED street lamps sold in the domestic market is very complicated. The main reason is that the power supply voltage is unstable. In the case of ordinary mains power supply, the actual input voltage tends to have a large deviation, and each Unsafe factors such as various surges affect the normal operation of the LED power supply, and require a certain design margin for the power supply. Ensuring sufficient design margin, the LED street lamp power supply life is more secure. From the above aspects, we can know the selection elements of the LED street light power supply. In fact, the LED street lamp power supply project is the representative project of the current national energy conservation and emission reduction project. On the illuminating components, the characteristics of the LED itself have achieved very good energy-saving effects, so it can be used with confidence.
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