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  • 50W LED plant light power supply

50W LED plant light power supply

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Introduce:♦ Constant current output mode ♦ Built in active PFC function ♦ IP67/IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor rating ♦ 3-5 years warranty

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♦ Constant current output mode
♦ Built in active PFC function
♦ IP67/IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor rating
♦ 3-5 years warranty


♦ LED grow lighting
♦ LED panel lighting
♦ LED bulb lighting
♦ Led green housing lighting


HLB--HLA-50W serise is a 50W AC/DC constant current mode output led power supply.HLB-50W serise operates from 90-277V and offers models with different rated voltage ranging between 20V and 100V.Efficiency could be reach to 88% or 90%,PFC could be reach to 95%-98%.ZF-HLA-50XL series is a high power factor, low THD, high efficiency, high reliability, High precision of constant current LED driver power supply, but also has perfect protection function, in order to ensure the service life and reliability of power and lamps.


Model ZF-HLA-50H-43 ZF-HLB-50W-65 ZF-HLB-50-90 ZF-HLB-50-110 ZF-HLB-50-130
output DC voltage 49VDC 72VDC 100VDC 120VDC 136VDC
Rated current 1.2A 0.77A 0.55A 0.46A 0.38A
Rated power 50W 50W 50W 50W 50W
Ripple&noise 3000mVAC 3000mVAC 2000mVAC 2000mVAC  
current error   3% 3% 3% 3% 3%
Output voltage range 25-43VDC 35-65VDC 50-90VDC 60-110VDC 70-130VDC
Line regulation ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Load regulation ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Setup,rise time 700ms,1500ms(full load) 230VAc/115VAc
Hold up time 15ms / 115VAC, 230VAC
Input Input voltage 90-277V
Frequency range 47-63HZ
Power factory PF≧0.98/115VAC, PF≧0.95/230VAC, PF≧0.92/277VAC @ full load
Total Harmonic distortion THD< 20% (@ load≧60% / 115VAC,230VAC;  @ load≧75% / 277VAC)
Efficiency 90% 91% 92% 92% 91%
AC current 0.64A / 115VAC 0.32A / 230VAC 0.3A / 277VAC
Inrush current COLD START 55A(t width=265μs measured at 50% I peak) at 230VAC; Per NEMA 410
Leakage current <0.75mA / 277VAC
Protection Over current Constant current limiting, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
Short circuit Hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
Over temperature Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Environment Working Temp. Tcase= -40 ~ +60℃(Please refer to "OUTPUT LOAD vs TEMPERATURE" section)
Max.Case Temp. Tcase= +80℃
Working Humidity 20 ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Temp.coefficient ±0.03%/℃(0 ~ 60℃)
Vibration 10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes
Safty and standards Safty standards EN 61347-1:2008+A1:2011+A2:2013 ,EN 61347-2-13:2006, EN 62493:2010
Isolaton resistance I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25℃/ 70% RH
Withstand voltage I/P-O/P:3.75KVAC     I/P-FG:2KVAC     O/P-FG:1.5KVAC
EMC emission Compliance to EN55015, EN61000-3-2  Class C (@ load≧60%) ; EN61000-3-3,GB17743 and GB17625.1
EMC immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11; EN61547, light industry level (surge immunity Line-Earth 4KV, Line-Line 2KV)
Others MTBF 1132K hrs min. Telcordia SR-332 (Bellcore) ; 338K hrs min. MIL-HDBK-217F (25℃)
Dimension 82.8*52*34mm
Packing 0.11kg/pcs   50pcs/5.5kg
Note 1.All parameters not specially mentioned are measured at 230vAc input,rated current and 25℃of ambient temperature
2. ripple and noise measurement method using a 0.5 - mm twisted pair, and terminal capacitor in parallel with 0.1uF and 47uF, were measured in a 20MHZ bandwidth.
3. safety design of EN60598-1 and EMC, CNS15233, GB700.1, FCC, part18.
4. start time is measured in the cold start, switch frequently may make the starting time of change.
5. the power supply is considered as a component, which is used in conjunction with the terminal equipment. Because the EMC is affected by the whole set of equipment, the terminal equipment manufacturer needs to make a EMC confirmation of the whole set of devices
6. reference Warranty Statement

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